Hi, I’m Rebecca Crouch, transcriptionist and owner of Trans-2.

About Trans2

Transcription-Transformation was founded by Michelle Baker in 2005 when she began parlaying her skill as a legal secretary on Elance.

Today Trans2 is owned by Rebecca Crouch, who herself has been in the transcription business since 2006.

1) We love language! We’ve spent our whole lives searching for a way to get paid to read – and we found it. Your transcripts, videos, and documents afford us that opportunity.

2) We are committed to raising our families, getting an education, and building stronger communities. We believe that working from home as entrepreneurs is the right way to make that happen.

3) We love helping you transform your business and find new and creative ways to use your words!

Transcribing your words; Transforming our lives!

– Michelle Baker


As owner of Trans2 since 2015, Rebecca has produced countless transcripts and delighted clients from all over the world.


Rebecca first began transcription in 2005, starting with medical transcription, and then branching out to part-time general transcription. She has been doing transcription full-time since 2015.

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