Welcome to your one-stop shop for transcription excellence!

Transcription-Transformation is the only solution you will ever need for –

  • transcribing audio files
  • captioning videos
  • document design
  • proofreading and editing

Trans2 is a team of mothers, fathers, students, and entrepreneurs who love language, creating beautiful manuscripts while earning the freedom to educate ourselves, care for our families, and serve our communities.

Our founder, Michelle Baker, holds a PhD in English Language and Literature from the Catholic University of America.

Trans2  was purchased in October 2015 by Rebecca Crouch, who had been transcribing for several months for Michelle, and has many years of transcription experience herself. She proofreads every manuscript that is delivered.

You have the vision; let us help you find your voice!


Rebecca Crouch
Owner, Transcription-Transformation
Transcribing your words: Transforming our lives!
828 575 9972

Rebecca Crouch, Owner of Transcription-Transformation


  1. Lena Epps Brooker

    Have you experience in converting word documents to PDF? If so, how do you charge for your services? words, pages, etc?

    Can you convert a large several documents done in various fonts to one font? If so, how you charge for this service?

    1. Rebecca Crouch

      Converting Word documents to PDF is not a service I currently provide as it is something that is available for free on the web. However, for converting fonts/formatting a document, I charge $25 per hour worked, with a minimum of one hour to be charged. If this is a service you are interested in, please contact me at rebecca@trans-2.com, and we can discuss moving forward.


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