Audio interviews and webinars, video PowerPoints, and how-to screen-cast demonstrations, podcasts, etcetera, although not considered a new thing in internet marketing, remain a valuable tool for your business. Videos and audio pieces are great for getting out information and catching your prospective customers’ eyes, but the written word is still very important.

What I’m talking about are transcriptions, which are written documentation of what you’ve recorded. Why can having that audio or video transcribed be helpful to you, and why is it still an important and valuable tool? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Having your audio or video transcribed automatically increases the value of your product. You can offer the transcript as part of an add-on package to generate additional revenue. A nicely formatted transcript is a great element for part of any marketing package.
  2. A lot of people prefer reading over watching a video or listening to an audio. They may be fast readers, or prefer to skip to parts that interest them. Others find that videos are distracting or that they can’t follow along very well.
  3. There are times when listening to your audio or video is simply just not possible. It may be bad timing with their schedule, or they may be in a location where they can’t turn up the volume and they don’t have earphones. You’ve put a lot of work into your video or audio, and you don’t want to lose any potential customers.Making a transcript available shows them that their needs are important to you. It gives them an alternative method to access your content. A busy website visitor is more likely to download a transcript to read at their leisure than to return to your site to watch your video or listen to your audio.
  4. Text is still an essential part of the search engine optimization formula.  When you transcribe your videos or audios, it gives thousands of additional words of content without any additional copy writing and can significantly improve your SEO rankings and help drive new visitors to your site.
  5. A transcript can be converted to captions very easily, thus increasing your accessiblitly for audiences such as the deaf or hard-of-hearing. Captions are also helpful for people who speak a different native language than you as it helps aid in comprehension.
  6. If your video or audio is meant as an instructional or learning tool, a transcript will be very helpful. It helps people to go back and reference different steps, and reading assists in retention of the content.
  7. Maintaining an archive of your organization’s meetings can serve many purposes. It can help bring new employees up to date, assist in training, and also serve as a record for legal purposes.
  8. A transcript is great to use for social media purposes. You or others can copy and paste from your transcripts into a Facebook post, tweet or other social media medium, thus eliminating the possibility of a misquote.
  9. When having a conference, often there are multiple different panels going on at the same time. Making a transcript of each panel available to attendees is a great way to make sure that they benefit from the information shared at each panel and don’t miss out on anything.
  10. Taking accurate notes at a business meeting or seminar is very difficult, and distracts the note-taker from being able to pay complete attention to what is being said. A transcript eliminates this problem as they are able to go back and reference the transcript at a later point.
  11. A transcript puts you in the perfect position to repurpose your information into something like an e-book or a blog post. You will already have a great amount of material available for your use in the form of a well-written transcript, and will make the process of generating an e-book or blog post much faster and easier.

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