How often have you had a great idea for a blog post to just sit down in front of your computer screen and draw a blank when it comes to actually writing it? How frustrating! It is often much easier to think about a topic, or even talk about it, than it is to begin writing about it. That’s where transcription comes in. There is an uncomplicated process that you can use to get over the road block of a blank computer screen when it comes to writing. I will explain it below.


This begins with brainstorming topics that you think your clients or readers would want to find in your blog. Record you or another expert in the field talking about these subjects, basically doing a “brain dump.” You can use your phone, or a separate recording device. Make sure that there is not a lot of background noise and that you or the person you’re recording can be clearly heard.


The second step is to get the recording transcribed. You send it to a transcription service, such as Trans-2, and they’ll turn the recording into text in the form of an editable Word document.


Congratulations! You now have something to work with on your computer screen. All you need to do now is polish the document and add a title and possibly a call to action.


The last step in the process is to simply publish your blog post. Voila! You now have an original blog post that your clients and readers will hopefully enjoy.

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