Lately I have worked with several new freelance transcriptionists, and I have some advice from personal experience for a freelancer who works on a site such as UpWork.

  1. Polish your freelancer profile on the site you are using. Make it look professional, including a clear photo of yourself. Also make to include several samples of your work in your portfolio.
  2. When writing a proposal, give a client a reason to hire you. Wow them! Don’t just say in your proposal, “Hire me! You won’t be disappointed.”
  3. Use proper grammar in your proposal. Since this is a business that depends on the use of proper grammar and punctuation to make a transcript look good, I am not going to look twice at a proposal with atrocious grammar, words spelled incorrectly, improperly placed punctuation marks, or no punctuation at all.
  4. While proper punctuation is key, when you are told, “I will let you know when there is more work,” DO NOT message your client two to three times a day begging for work. Be professional.
  5. When doing any jobs for a client, follow all instructions given, including proper use of any templates provided.

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