There are several things to look for when you’re looking for a transcription service provider. Below you will find a list of a few important things. Everything from the quality of work to the price needs to be evaluated when considering hiring a person or company to perform transcription services.

1.   Turnaround Time

  • A professional service provider hires enough staff to accommodate for varied volumes of work.
  • Most companies offer a 48-hour turnaround time.

2.   Security

  • Look for a company that ensures accuracy and confidentiality of all documents.
  • Check for confidentiality agreements and/or non-disclosure agreements.
  • Ask if all employee’s computers are protected by up-to-date firewall and anti-virus programs.

3.   Pricing

  • Shop around to make sure that you are getting a competitive rate while still ensuring accuracy.
  • There are different ways that transcriptionists charge for their work – per character, per line, per audio minute or per audio hour, although the most common is either per audio minute or per audio hour for general transcription.
  • $1 per audio minute is the standard rate for English audio transcription, although extras such as time-stamping or rush jobs may incur a higher rate.

4.   Quality/Accuracy

  • This is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a service provider.
  • Ask any providers you are considering how they handle their quality assurance process.

5.   Location

  • For English language transcription, you will want a U.S. based transcriber.
  • A native speaker delivers the highest quality service with higher accuracy, as they understand the syntax much better than a non-native speaker.

6.   Satisfaction

  • Any reputable transcription service will offer a guarantee on their service.
  • There are several types of guarantees, from money to time to accuracy. Find out what the transcription provider is offering as their guarantee.
  • Don’t be afraid to claim the guarantee if the work isn’t up to your standards.

One thought on “What To Look For When Evaluating a Transcription Service Provider”

  1. Hi,

    I think an improvement could me made on comment number 5. As a native British speaker maybe it should read “For English transcription you will want a native English speaker” rather than “…you will want a U.S. based transcriber.

    Working digitally in cyberspace it doesn’t really matter where we are “based” more of our native tongue.

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